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November 21th, 2021

Price: $60 per shooter early registration paid by 3/1/2021;  $75 after, but before 5/1/2021.  Regular price $100

PractiScore Avenal Main Page  Sign up via PractiScore: (This link will be activated once early registration is open)

On-site Camping:

Saturday night camping is available for $10 - Contact Scott Woodhouse to make sure space and access are available.


Harris Ranch and the Big Country Western Inn are about the closest. They are only about 15-20 North of the range.

The UKD Team Field Match, set in Avenal's rolling hills, Ca. is a unique precision rifle match and draws shooters from all over; it sells out every year, with 2020 selling out 10 months in advance!  We'll post a 2021 date, in November, but make sure you come back and often check so you don't miss out. We will offer early sign-up discounts for those that sign up and pay early.

The Avenal UKD Team Field Match is one of the highest viewed single match events in 2020, with well over 14,000 views on Sniper's Hide and counting; it brings a lot of eyeballs to our sponsors' logos. We want to thank everyone who sponsors, ROs, competes, or just views and comments on our thread. The Avenal UKD Team Field Match focuses on training and the inspiration comes from true field conditions you might encounter during a long-range hunt.

For those who might not know what this match is, it is a bit like golf; teams hike through the hills to a blind station. Teams can not see these stations from hiking or staged; they do not know the challenges until they arrive. Like golf with a shotgun start, teams start at random "stations" similar to a "T box" in golf and rotate through various stations throughout the day. The twist is teams are presented with a COF that may seem straight forward but have some twist best defeated as a cohesive team. The teams, much like in a hunting scenario must find targets, range them, and engage them in a specific sequence. First-round hits are rewarded with a much higher points score.

If you get a chance, drop in and view the thread here on Sniper's Hide. There are many tips and tricks for shooting off a tripod or simple setup tricks for spotting in the field. We'll continue the thread with a debriefing that could bring just a small thing to think about on your next long-range hunting trip of field match. 

A good tripod is almost essential to scoring well under these field conditions more important is understanding how to use them efficiently and with speed. 


Click here for Tripod Tips for use in a field match or hunting.  Maybe you'll find something to make deployment faster and possibly reduce the wobble with just a few tweaks.​

Here is the 2021 basic plan subject to change:


Saturday Optional:​

  • BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs Saturday Night (Weather depending)

  • One site Camping for non-members $20

  • PRS 22 match on Saturday evening (sign up via PractiScore run as a separate event)

  • Sight-in on Saturday available $5 guest fee for non-members


  • Sign-in is at 7:30 am and the match ends around 4-5 pm.

  • UKD - Unknown Distance Range it, find it and shoot it. (Range finders are fine, and most stages will have a known size if you'd rather use a reticle)

  • One reticle only stage

  • Time will be shared between team members but should be very generous if the team is organized, shooters will work together

  • Round count somewhere around 160+ per team

  • Managing Ammo might play into team strategy this year (hint)

  • Mostly natural terrain like you might find hunting in the foothills, side-slopes, down-slopes, dead space problems-- tripods are recommenced our very tall shooting sticks

  • Tripods, shooting sticks, Packs whatever you want to ruck up the hills will be fine

  • The course requires between 2-3 miles of hiking depending on the starting position

  • You can share gear, but sharing tripods will cause you to be less effective with your time management.


Parctiscore sign up is free, but you do need an set up a quick account. You can sign up for any match, but this particular match is UKD Team Challenge Unknown Distance Long Range Match.

You can find all out matches by going to, selecting "Matches" at the top, Then "checking" "California" on the left under State, Then "checking," "Avenal" under City.

Special thanks to our 2020 sponsors

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